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Eile Construction Chemicals S.A
Mr Murat Odaci
Ankara Asfalti 31. Km Sutculer Koyu Karsisi Ozkanlar Depolari
, Izmir
Tel: 90 532 3229843
Fax: 90 232 8871672
企业成立年数 16
全年收入 USD 500,000 - 1 Million
员工 11 - 50
Product Showcase
Elastic water isolation material that can be applied to Cement acrylic based concrete and coating surfaces
Product # / Model:
Max Seal Elastic
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Product Description
Eile Max Seal Elastic; cement based, with two components, polymer modified, protecting construction against cracks, resistant to pulling and narrowing, it is an elastically isolation material.

Any kind of concrete constructions that may bent against over loading, at water tanks, at base preparing, at basement walls, at terrace and balconies, at wet places such as WC, bathroom and balcony, at swimming pools, to make a water resistant coating under ceramic tiles or water resistant coating at vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Its elasticity characteristic is high.
Adherence is wonderful
It does not make narrowing or pulling.
It is resistant to both positive and negative water pressure. It can be applied to inner and outer surface of constructions.
It is suitable to use together with synthetic and glass fibbers.
It can be prepared for the forms where brush and trowel applications will be preferred.
It can be applied by injection as well.
It is resistant to freezing and corrosive salts.
It can be applied on the humid surfaces.
It is not corrosive
Ceramic or coating can be made on it.
It can be used at drinking water tanks. It does not include toxic material.

Type : (A) Module powder
(B)Module liquid
Colour : Dark grey(after mixture
Density : (A+B) mixture 1,45 kg//lt
Process time : 35 minutes at 25¡C
Resting time : 5 minutes

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